101 Cafe

American classic since 1928

Little diner on Coast Highway (the 101) where you'll get generous portions of both ihstory and grub in every sitting

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Went in to see the changes they have made at the Cafe. From the new Raspberry Coffee Cake to the new Salmon Burgers the food was great. Friendly service and all new old photos made it a good morning. We'll be back.

Review of 101 Cafe - Posted on Sep 15, 2009 by admin


My husband and I went for...
Review of 101 Cafe - Posted on Aug 15, 2009 by Anonymous

My husband and I went for a night out and were very pleased with the food it was delish! The salad was huge and oh so good too. The prices are a bit higher than I would have thought but it was worth it and we had a great time. We even took some of their free post cards and sent them to family telling them to try it :) It was like a mini vacation.

Regular visitor. Great atmosphere, and great comfort food. Love the large portions. Everyone is very nice, and helpful to tourist.

The food is standard diner fare but the big attraction is the ambiance.  Lots of interesting stuff to look at on the walls.

The 101 serves large portions of...
Review of 101 Cafe - Posted on Mar 27, 2008 by Anonymous

The 101 serves large portions of really crummy food with some pretty lackluster service. I've been there numerous times (yeah, I don't know why either) and each time I'm disappointed with the quality of the meal. The only positive about the place is the old-school diner ambiance and some of the photos of old Oceanside.

Avoid if at all possible.

So sorry, but I love this...
Review of 101 Cafe - Posted on Mar 26, 2008 by Anonymous

So sorry, but I love this place! Great portions and good ole' home cooking! I have never been dissapointed! I send lots of people there.
Good prices...
Good food...
Always friendly...

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