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It has been more misses than hits with Angelo's, which is disappointing because it is the closest restaurant to my house. The chicken taquitos are great, but the other Mexican food sucks. The chicken sandwiches and the salads are over priced. They give you a ton of fries for cheap, but they're always soggy.

I've been eating at Angelos for as long as I can remember. OK, since 1985. The portions are more than most people can eat. The fried zuccini is to die for. If you are every suffuring from Scurvy, try the Pastramy Burger,,,,UMMMM GOOD!!!

The food here is enjoyable and affordable. It's a simple drive thru taco shop and relatively quick. However, they don't really care how you get it home. The hot sauce leaks all over the bag, and sometimes the food is so greasy that it's soggy and the paper sticks to it. The carne asada burritos are good. But this place is very hit-or-miss.

This is the best restaurant if you want a variety of choices. They offer Greek, Mexican and American food. There Gyro Sandwich is delicious but there hamburgers are sooooo good and soooooo big.

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1050 South Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054
United States

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