Ed's Country Cafe

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Ed's Country Cafe is no more. One of the best and friendliest Oceanside eateries was forced out of business recently by the new grubby, money-hungry owners of the Mission Avenue shopping center in which it was located. This favorite restaurant of many locals and visitors alike for years with it's great food and service was deemed an "undesirable" tenant in the new shopping center ownes' eyes. Too bad everyone didn't have the chance to eat at this great place before it was forced to leave.

I've been waiting forever for Ed and Leah to reopen Ed's Country Kitchen and it sounds like they never will. They were a mainstay family restaurant in the Valley, it is so regretful that they were forced out by the new management or owners! Some things should just never happen! It was a fantastic gathering place of friends and family. The food ran from good to very good and the service was provided by local young women and men.

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3768 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92054
United States

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