Oceanside hosting the Chargers

Anyone remember when the Sandy Eggo Chargers were looking to leave Sandy Eggo? Oceanside and Chula Juana were in contension to build the new stadium. The proposed location was to be where the current Elk's Lodge and golf course (goat hill) are. The City wasted no time in putting over 100 "conditions" on the Chargers Organization, theoretically killing their chance to attract an NFL team. Oceanside is so stupid, that there are businesses that will not even bid a job, because of the add'l unnecessary garbage the City puts them through. Personally, I know of many construction Companys that will not bid a job within the City of O'side. Since some of these may be the cheapest, the City doesn't seem to mind to pay extra for Companys that are not the cheapest.


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11/17/2011 - 4:16pm

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