Oceanside CA Restaurants

Restaurants in the city of Oceanside, CA

From late-night eats to romantic dinners overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Oceanside CA offers both locals and visitors a wide variety of dining options. Whether you’re looking for meaty Greek gyros with tzatziki dip (Greek restaurants), spicy Schezuan style chili chicken (Chinese restaurants), rich chicken parmesan (Italian restaurants), or just a good old hamburger and chocolate shake (Diners/American restaurants), you can find it easily within our veritable buffet of a city. In fact you can find restaurants in Oceanside featuring cuisines from around the world, including Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mongolian, and of course a selection of American restaurants and cafes.  And from drive-through to ocean view Oceanside has options for every dining budget.

Oceanside CA dining specialties

Despite its dining diversity, Oceanside’s location on the Pacific coast and its proximity to Mexico leads it to shine particularly in both Mexican and seafood offerings. With over 40 Mexican restaurants within its borders, Oceanside CA offers everything from greasy 1AM tacquitos to authentic mole poblano, and even the most upscale of Mexican restaurants in the city of Oceanside is very affordable. If you’re from out of town make sure to sample some of the delectable and traditional offerings of the local Mexican eateries. Popular restaurants include Anita’s, Autlan Carniceria Y Taqueria , and Alberto’s Mexican Food. As a coastal city, Oceanside also hosts a diverse offering of seafood, from fresh ahi tuna sushi to buttery lobster and seared mahi mahi.

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Where to eat in Oceanside

If you can’t decide what to eat, let’s start with a where instead.  Many of Oceanside’s most popular restaurants are located along the historic Highway 101, also know as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or just Coast Highway. Running the length of Oceanside just blocks from the beach, Hwy 101 hosts such popular eateries as the Hill Street Coffee House (organic soups & sandwiches), the Beach Break Cafe (great breakfasts and lunches), and the 101 Cafe (one of the oldest original restaurants in Oceanside with a great classic diner feel). Along Coast Hwy you can also find several pizzerias, Hawaiian and Cuban restaurants, and of course a good number of Mexican fast food joints. 

    Another popular spot to get dinner is the Oceanside Harbor. Overlooking the colorful yachts and fishing boats bobbing below, the Oceanside Harbor features such restaurants as Harbor Fish & Chips, Harbor Pizza, and the Nautical Bean (a gourmet coffee shop).  A little down the beach you’ll also find Ruby’s Diner at the end of the Oceanside Pier, a great little restaurant with a beautiful view.

   Of course in spite of Oceanside’s famous coastline there are also many dining options located a little ways inland - Mission Avenue and Oceanside Blvd are the main east-west throughfares along which many Oceanside restaurants can be found, including both franchise fast food joints like In N’ Out, McDonalds, and Carl’s Jr., as well as one of a kind restaurants and cafes unique to Oceanside.


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