Oceanside Transportation Options

Getting to/from Oceanside

Nearby Airports

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is located in the heart of San Diego and is about 45 minutes to an hour away from Oceanside, CA

  • The usual assortment of shuttles and vans are available to transport you to Oceanside, taxis are also available but the fare from San Diego to Oceanside is somewhat expensive
  • My personal choice for transport, however is public transportation - catch the 992 MTS bus from in front of the airport for a 10 minutes ride to the Sante Fe Depot Station, at which you can catch the Coaster train which takes you straight to downtown Oceanside.  Not only is this option less expensive than the alternatives, you'll also get to enjoy the lovely scenery along the coastal train ride instead of having to deal with traffic on the I-5.  The total cost of this option is under $10/person.  Check out the North County Transit District website for more information and contact numbers.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a little farther out, about 2 hours driving.  From LA you'll probably catch Amtrak or Greyhound, but having never chosen this airport I can't offer any personal observations about which option is best.

Getting Around in Oceanside

Public Transportation

Here's a brief rundown of the travel options available in Oceanside:

  • The Coaster
    A coastal train starting (or ending, depending on how you want to look at it) in Oceanside and traveling south until it gets to San Diego, passing through Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Leucadia, Encinitas , and Old Town San Diego.  Most of the ride is along the coast and provides beautiful views.One way tickets are about $6 and day passes are available. 
  • The Sprinter
    A much smaller train that starts (or does it end?) in Oceanside, the Sprinter runs East, more or less along the 78 freeway, and ends in west Escondido, stopping in Vista, and San Marcos along the way.  One way ticket is $2.
  • The Breeze (North County bus system)
    Numerous stops throughout Oceanside and North San Diego county, one way ticket is $2.
  • Oceanside Transit Center also hubs Amtrak, Greyhound, and Metrolink, useful options for people coming from Los Angeles or other locations other than San Diego
  • For more infomation on the Coaster, Sprinter, or Breeze (bus) check out gonctd.com

What bus/train/public transportation should I take?

Google maps provides great information for public transportation:

  • go to http://www.google.com/maps
  • on the left hand side click "Get Directions"
  • on the left hand side you should see a picture of a car, a train, a person, and a motorcycle
  • click on the train (this is for public transit)
  • you can now enter you start and destination and it will tell you what bus to arrive, when to catch it, and how much it will cost!



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