Visiting Oceanside

With its near-perfect climate, relaxed environment, historic sites and beautiful beaches, Oceanside is a great destination year-round for every type of traveler. Whether you’re travelling with family or friends or even staying in town on business there are a couple things you need to know.

About Oceanside

Located on the Pacific Coast about 45 minutes north of San Diego and about 2 hours south of Los Angeles, Oceanside is the northernmost coastal city in north San Diego County (often called North County for short). The climate has been rated one of the best in all of the United States, with yearly temperatures hovering in the 60s, with anything below 40 degrees (at night in the dead of winter), or above 80 degrees (at noon on the hottest day of the year) being very unusual.

Activities in Oceanside

With one of the best climates in California, 3.5 miles of beautiful beaches, and a great history, Oceanside has a wealth of activities for sun-lovers and sightseers alike. Whether you're looking to enjoy the great surfing, bodyboarding, and sailing activities, or want to explore the great heritage of the Spanish Missionaries, Oceanside has something for you. For a little out of town fun, Oceanside's neighboring cities also have some great activities, from the Wild Animal Park to the great Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego.


Unless you have friends in town or think the backseat of your sedan makes a great bed you’re going to need to find a place to lay your weary head each night. Hotels are the obvious choice - price per night varies between about $60-$200 depending on whether you’re looking to stay by the beaches and harbor or simply want an affordable room. If you’re planning to stay for several nights to a week or you’re travelling with a couple people make sure to check out local vacation rentals. Although they tend to cost a little more per night they’re often cheaper when you consider their size and how many people you can cram in a room. Make sure to book early, though, as many of the local vacation rentals are completely spoken for months in advance, particularly during the very popular summer months.

Getting Around

Visiting Oceanside from out of town? Oceanside is about 45 minutes away from San Diego and 2 hours from Los Angeles.  The I-5 Freeway runs directly through Oceanside, and the I-15 is 15 minutes away.

Transportation options within Oceanside include the North County Transit District public transportion system as well as the Oceanside Transit Center which is a hub for Amtrak, Greyhound, the San Diego Coaster, and more.

More resources

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