What do you think about the development in Oceanside's downtown area?

I'm for it - this development will revitalize Oceanside's downtown
91% (433 votes)
I'm against it - development is ruining Oceanside's character
6% (30 votes)
Undecided or don't care
3% (15 votes)
Total votes: 478


Posted Fri, 09/02/2011 - 9:33am by SeniorRights

In Favor of Responsible Development for Oceanside

Seniors living in Oceanside LOVE our beautiful beach / retirement / military community. Seniors comprise the majority of the population here in Oceanside and are in favor of RESPONSIBLE development that will support and encourage our existing business owners and invite new ones, but NOT at the expense of eliminating existing and future affordable housing for our senior population.

Posted Fri, 09/02/2011 - 9:26am by SeniorRights

Seniors / Veterans / Disabled

The citizens of Oceanside would be appalled to know the extent of what the proposed Vacancy DeControl Ordinance has already done to the senior citizens, retired veterans and disabled persons living in our city’s mobile home parks.
38% of Oceanside’s population are senior citizens, many living on fixed incomes who have been priced out of housing in our area. A shortage of affordable housing already existed here in Oceanside before Council members Kern, Feller & Felien voted in their Vacancy DeControl Ordinance. Despite park owners' claims that this ordinance won't affect current park residents, the ordinance will eliminate a large portion of future affordable housing that currently exists, without making any provision for future housing for seniors, retired veterans and the disabled, or for anyone living on a fixed income. In fact, the Council has eliminated builders' requirements to construct more affordable housing or pay fees in lieu of doing so. Even more Oceanside citizens will be turning 55 in the coming months and years. All of us have parents and grandparents who will need someplace affordable to live, especially in this economy.
Far from “living off the system,” as the corporate park owners would like voters to believe, these mobile HOMEOWNERS worked hard all their lives, served their country, paid their taxes and purchased the only retirement homes they could afford. Like any other homeowner, they based their decisions to purchase their homes by taking into consideration the price of the home, the amount of their mortgage payment, the property taxes, the space rent charged by the park, including an ANNUAL INCREASE TO 75% OF THE CPI and the cost of their utilities. Park owners have already eliminated our right to rent out our homes, further devaluing them, in addition to the hit these properties have already taken in the current economy. Now park owners want to alter our written contract in favor of themselves. This was the very reason the current rent control laws exist . . . to prevent an unfair advantage to either party. This is NOT SUBSIDIZED HOUSING. These seniors are HOMEOWNERS and TAXPAYERS.
Mobile homeowners MUST locate their homes within a park. Once installed, these are permanent homes. Park owners are free to sell their property and their business at any time, yet mobile homeowners must obtain approval from park ownersto sell their homes. That approval can be and often is withheld. Instead, park owners use rent increases and other intimidation tactics to force homeowners out and take the abandoned homes for themselves. How convenient that some corporate park owners own other companies that just happen to be in the business of selling repossessed and used mobile homes.
This proposed ordinance has already forced thousands of Oceanside’s senior citizens to disrupt their lives and take to the streets in order to defend their homes. Even the exception to this ordinance states that an heir must be a “TENANT” at the time of the death of the homeowner. Does the Council expect our children to live with us for the rest of our lives? In many parks, even those seniors who must have a family member with them for medical issues aren’t safe. Certain parks' rules & regulations now state that when a homeowner dies, the home MUST REMAIN VACANT. How dare these Councilmen and park owners dictate that the rights of the children and heirs of these HOMEOWNERS are worth any less than the rights of their own! By even considering this ordinance this Council has created an atmosphere of fear and animosity in this community, pitting homeowners against the parks they MUST continue to live in. BOTH SIDES ARE PROPERTY OWNERS. THE CURRENT EXISTING LAWS WERE WRITTEN TO PROTECT AND BE FAIR TO BOTH SIDES. VOTE JUNE 2012 TO REPEAL THIS ORDINANCE!