Oceanside Shopping

Gift Stores and Antiques

Oceanside features a variety of gift stores and antique shops throughout the city with many of them concentrated along Coast Highway and in South Oceanside. Antique and gift stores in Oceanside carry many items representing Oceanside's past and present seaside character.

Places to shop

Coast Highway reflects Oceanside's roots with a mixture of modern and quaint storefronts, many fronting businesses that have been located in Oceanside for decades. Downtown Oceanside and the Oceanside Harbor feature some of the most colorful shops selling surf gear, hot clothing and accessories, and gift items. Several large shopping centers are located along the 78 (Jefferson and El Camino exits), at the intersection of the 76 and College Blvd, and at the intersection of Oceanside Blvd and College Blvd.

Real Estate & Auto

For new wheels check out one of Oceanside's dealerships - most are much smaller than the impersonal mega-lots you might find in other cities and you're liable to find some pretty good deals. And if you're looking to relocate from across the country or just down the block there are many Oceanside realtors here to help you find your dream home.

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